Friday, June 04, 2010

Hackweek V

Next week is Hackweek V in Novell, the week in which we can work on whatever we want. This year, my hackweek proposal is to give banshee a new ipod addin based on libgpod. This should fix some of banshees bugs.

While working on this I'll try live tweet as I hack so if you're interested, do tune in from tuesday morning onwards (GMT). Mondays a bank holiday so I'm going to have to complete my hack in 4 days.

If you can, do give the proposal a +1. I've no idea what affect it'll have but do it anyway! ;)

EDIT: Link the correct hackweek proposal. Whoopsie :)


Whitemice Consulting said...

+1 This would be great. I really enjoy Banshee, but using it with an iPod has been frustrating. I've been forced to fire up Rythymbox on occasion... which is so sad.

Alan said...

I hope you've been following my tweets! Things are progressing remarkably well. I have syncing to and from my iphone working. It's possible to add and remove tracks at will. Pretty awesome for 2 days hacking!

Kudos to libgpod, libgpod-sharp and banshee for making life easy!

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