Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hackweek V - Day 1

So at the end of Day 1, things have progressed well enough. I managed to get all my requirements installed (just about!) though to do it I needed to install older versions of some of the ipod stack. Hopefully this won't bite me in the ass as the week progresses ;)

So a brief synopsis of the state of the world as I found it after one day:

1) Things are still very bleeding edge. On opensuse you still need just the right packages and svn checkouts to even begin to get things working. Nothing you need is in the standard repositories, I had to use the awesome opensuse build service to provide some packages (gvfs >= 1.5.1, libplist, umuxd) and had to compile just the right version of libimobiledevice manually. Not a pleasant experience.

2) Once all that horribleness is done, actually detecting the ipod in banshee is difficult. HAL is useless. You need either gio# or udev to be able to detect the device when it's plugged in. This puts further requirements on your distro to ship the latest goodies. I worked around this by hardcoding my iphones mount point for now ;)

3) Banshee is good to work with. Integrating DAPs with banshee is easier than it used to be. Hopefully things will simplify the more I delve into things and learn what's available. Some things in the existing code I hope are only there for historical reasons and can be removed with this rewrite ;)

4) So far I have two big checkpoints: Banshee can load the tracks on my iphone and it can also import them to its collection. I'm in the process of allowing you to copy tracks to the device, but I hit a few issues with libgpod which have yet to be investigated.

So things are looking good for the first day. Hopefully day 2 will be full of interesting developments. Maybe I'll get playlist syncronisation working, maybe I'll get track uploading working. Who knows!

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