Saturday, January 24, 2009

Excitement abounds!

Next weekend is going to be an interesting one. Several releases are coinciding:

1) MonoTorrent 0.70 is prepped and ready for release. Contains numerous bugfixes and performance enhancements.
2) Monsoon 0.20 will in a repository near you. This will be using MonoTorrent 0.70, so a nice upgrade from the previous 0.40 release.
3) The DBus daemon for monotorrent is ready for its first release. Banshee will be using this to add support for torrent based podcasts.
4) Mono.Nat will be getting it's first official package release too. It's a reasonably mature library which supports UPnP port forwarding/mapping. There's also support for nat-pmp in the library, but it's disabled due to lack of testing. If someone has a nat-pmp capable router, feel free to test the code, fix the few remaining issues and submit a patch.

But for now, it's holiday time for a week ;)

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