Sunday, May 25, 2008


Why the hell did my blogspot account have titles disabled by default? Did i stupidly manage to turn them off the day i opened my blogspot account?

Anyway, i have titles... finally!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Summer of Code is starting soon, and I'm a student once again. So what are the big plans this year? Well, hopefully a lot! Here's a brief outlook on what to expect during this summer. Note, these are in no particular order

1) DHT support in MonoTorrent. This is probably the most time-consuming feature that is planned.

2) DBus based daemon for monotorrent. The idea behind this is to allow applications to consume torrent files without worrying about interop-ing with .NET. This would provide a system-wide torrent service which any application, or many simultaenous applications, could take advantage of.

This daemon will expose a simplified API as compared to the monotorrent library itself.

3) HTTP/Socks proxy support.

4) A proper NUnit testing framework. All the essentials are now implemented in MonoTorrent to allow me to test stuff deep inside monotorrent relatively easily. Now i just need to implement my test harness and then some tests (work on that has started as of yesterday actually :) ).

5) Implement support for both the Azureus and Libtorrent messaging protocols. Support is mostly there for the Libtorrent protocol. This will also allow user-defined messages to be sent via the torrent connection.

6) As per usual, i'll be spending time with a profiler seeing where performance can be improved. Don't expect too much from this though, things are already pretty good ;)

Now that we have a sweet GUI for monotorrent, which is going to be available in Suse 11.0 (other distros also have packages these days), we need to keep improving it. Once again there are in no particular order:

1) Get Monsoon portable to both MacOS and Windows. 95% of this work has been completed already. So it's nearly done. Once this has been completed, i need to look into packaging installers for these platforms (or someone can offer to do that for me ;) ).

2) Next we get cracking on the buglist and try and resolve those. Quite a number of cosmetic things need to be looked at and there are also a few bigger issues, such as that memory issue (which is still proving to be quite elusive!).

3) General nicing up of everything. There isn't really a firm plan for monsoon yet. A more detailed timeline and suchlike will be created as soon i can get together with buchan after my exams and see where we want to take this.

All in all, a busy summer.

Friday, May 09, 2008

It's funny. I always thought that DRM should be used as a way to make life difficult for people pirating software/music. I never though it would be used as a way to convince people that pirating software is the better way:

Seriously, what are these people thinking?

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