Sunday, December 09, 2007

Looky here, who wants a giant network accessible harddrive which won't let you share the 26 most common filetypes. Honestly, why would anyone buy a piece of hardware which is unbelievably crippled and completely unsuitable for the purpose it's being advertised for. And more importantly, why would someone design such a horrible piece of hardware?

On a similar, but more sinister note, if america thinks you might be guilty of a crime, then they feel they can just kidnap you. The mentality of guilty until proven innocent really is showing through here. I wonder what would happen if i kidnapped an american citizen and brought them to ireland because i suspected them of a crime. I'm sure America wouldn't view that too kindly.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

My christmas exams (worth 35% of my degree) are getting closer and closer. Pretty much every day starting from last saturday has turned into a 10:30am->7:30pm study-a-thon. I'm trying to learn in the space of a 10 days what i should've been learning over the last 12 weeks. It's mostly working.

As a result, i've become a minor insomniac. Tis only 2pm, i've only been trying to sleep for 3 hours now. This describes it pretty well:

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