Sunday, December 09, 2007

Looky here, who wants a giant network accessible harddrive which won't let you share the 26 most common filetypes. Honestly, why would anyone buy a piece of hardware which is unbelievably crippled and completely unsuitable for the purpose it's being advertised for. And more importantly, why would someone design such a horrible piece of hardware?

On a similar, but more sinister note, if america thinks you might be guilty of a crime, then they feel they can just kidnap you. The mentality of guilty until proven innocent really is showing through here. I wonder what would happen if i kidnapped an american citizen and brought them to ireland because i suspected them of a crime. I'm sure America wouldn't view that too kindly.


Amber said...

that's just amazing

I've posted a 'feedback item' in total horror and disbelief on their website. I hope that if many people just laugh at them them and tell them 'no - we won't buy this crap' (literally and metaphorically), maybe they'll get the point?

Anonymous said...

Alan, it is not just America behind these evil deeds. This conspiracy is lead by Rothschilds of England and Rockefeller of America. They are not loyal to any country. They intend to enslave all nations and create a dictatorial socilaist New World Order as daddy Bush and the New Agers call it. The middle class people of the world are in soooo much trouble right now. They want to chip you and track you from cradle to grave. Search the web for the Georgia Guide stones. They want future world populations not to exceed 500 million. How do you think they will achieve that? They already said. They plan to kill millions Want more info then check out

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