Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hackweek Day III - The coffee shortage

Today was a slow but interesting day (again). I took all my banshee work and rebased it on top of lamalexs work to bring udev/gio support to banshee. This saved me having to write my own backend, but it meant that once again I had to start upgrading core parts of my OS. Luckily nothing blew up this time!

So after a few hours hacking and pulling my hair out because seemingly simple commands were failing (they still are failing, i just worked around it) I now have proper detection implemented. There are no more hardcoded horrible hacks :) Anyone with the right pre-requisites and the udev branch of banshee with my patch can have basic iDevice support (tracks only).

This is awesome!

This will not be pushed to the main banshee repository as it depends on udev/gio to be useful. I will instead push my patches upstream to lamalex and his udev branch. All that has to be done then is to push the udev work to mainline banshee and everyone can enjoy full iDevice support.

Tomorrow I hope to get in touch with lamalex and iron out a few bugs I've experienced and then upstream my work to him. My bugfixes to the libgpod-sharp bindings have already been upstreamed and should be merged with the main codebase very soon.


npmccallum said...

One minor correction, the libgpod-sharp bindings are here:

I've requested that they be merged here:

But they haven't been merged yet. (Probably tomorrow).

Great work, and don't forget to give credit to the libgpod devs (I'm not one of them) as they have done an incredible amount of reverse engineering for this to work.

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