Friday, April 04, 2008

There was a meeting yesterday for openSUSE Gnome, one of the important decisions for the day (in my eyes) was the decision about which BitTorrent client was going to be bundled with suse.

Torrent default app decision:
Monsoon seems the more dynamic app, good response from its maintainer
Transmission seems to have a better UI, actively developed, although a bit mac centric
BitTorrent-gtk very basic but should work for basic needs
AI: add both monsoon and transmission, monsoon as default
AI: suseROCKS to run tests with both apps
AI: FunkyPenguin to package Transmission today
AI: vuntz to move Transmission and monsoon to autobuild and drop gnome-btdownload
We're in :)

Monsoon had an open bug report on making it translatable, after the above decision was made, the priority on translations became pretty critical ;) Meebey volunteered to go and get translations all set up and spent a few hours yesterday getting that all sorted and creating the first translation (German). Olivier Dufour, who created a Winforms based GUI for MonoTorrent has also volunteered to do a French translation.

So, if anyone out there wants to translate Monsoon into their native language (or at least one they're good at ;) ), please join us on our new irc channel, #monsoon on We'll get you sorted out.


Igor said...

Spanish, although everybody knows it :).

Congratulations dude!

Ventsislav Mladenov said...

Hi i am very glad to hear the good news. I will translate monsoon to Bulgarian

mirek said...

hello. i translated monsoon to the slovak language (at the moment 86%). to whom i can send the translation? please, contact me at jabber: mirek[@]

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