Saturday, March 29, 2008

I got some amazing news just a few minutes ago. I was just chatting away in #mono about how i was pushing a new release out soon, when anf6 (who is also called Alan) piped up with this:
|anf6| alan: I've been working on a WebUI for MonoTorrent, most of the functionality works ^_^
|alan| anf6: are you serious?
|anf6| yes
|alan| :o
It turns out that anf6 had been chatting to the developer of the uTorrent WebUI (Directrix) about the possibility of creating a MonoTorrent backend for the UI. Directrix was all for that! So, without further ado, here's the obligatory screenshot:

All i can say is: WOW! I can't wait for this to hit release!

UPDATE: I'd just found out that less than 300 lines of code were needed for the monotorrent -> uTorrent WebUI integration. How slick is that? That includes hosting MonoTorrent and a mini host to serve the pages.


Alan (anf6) said...

I'd like to release this with source at some point in the future when I've added important functionality (eg. authentication), removed bugs and polished it, but for the most part I think it's in a sort of usable state right now.

Again, Directrix takes all credit for the awesome uTorrent user interface, and other Alan for MonoTorrent. All I've done is glued the two together by emulating uTorrents HTTP responses to the UI.

Here's my TODO list. Will work on them when I've got some uni work out of the way. ;)

$ cat todo
Todo list

[ ] Modularise code?
[ ] Compiled ASP for extra speed?
[ ] PRIORITY: Authentication
[ ] PRIORITY: Resolve remoting/Garbage collector bug
[ ] Create distribution
[ ] Windows service/UNIX daemon?
[ ] Make a project website
[ ] File prioritisation
[ ] Tracker messages + a few more bits of misc info
[ ] Improve C# style where needed
[ ] Add by URL
[ ] IMPORTANT: Implement the settings manager, or at least a config file

Rob Loach said...

MonoTorrent promises to be exponentially slick as time goes on.

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