Wednesday, March 26, 2008

There's now a proper issue tracker for Monsoon and MonoTorrent. It's being hosted on the novell bugzilla (thanks guys!) so file your bugs there if at all possible. It makes it easier for me to monitor and record what exactly goes on.

The issue tracker can be found at in the 'Monsoon' section of Mono:Tools. If you have a bugzilla account already, this link should bring you right to the submission form:


jpobst said...

Now you need to rename your OBS project to Monsoon, get it linked into Mono:Community, and blog a 1-click install link!

Rob Loach said...

Hi Alan!

I'm glad to see that MonoTorrent is still going. I look forward to the day when MonoTorrent GUI is shipped with Ubuntu, and I can reminisce over the day that I talked to the author and his mother yelled at him about his room being messy. Hahah, good times.

Well, I'll talk to you later!


Alan said...

@jpobst: That's my weekend plan. I've just renamed everything in the project itself, so now i have to package everything up again and do a release.

@rob: You weren't supposed to tell people about that ;) I'm telling ya, i was trying to find the mute button the whole time :)

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