Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So, some quick news on the MonoTorrent front. As i said a week or two ago, Monsoon is going to be part of the Suse 11 distribution (woo!). Since then a few things have happened.

1) Monsoon has hit feature freeze and has been branched. This is the version that will be included with suse. If you want to check out the code and put it through it's paces use this url:
If you find any bugs, please use the novell bugzilla to file a report. Some time early next week, this will be officially tagged and released. So make any bug reports earlier to increase the chance that they'll be fixed.

2) MonoTorrent itself has also been branched for it's 0.3 release. If you're a developer using MonoTorrent, check the code out from:

Bug reports are welcome (as always), same place as above (Except use the MonoTorrent module, not the Monsoon module). I'll have full release notes available when the release is made. Some pretty cool stuff has been done along with the usual bug quashing ;)

3) Finally, mono-curses has been updated again to run against MonoTorrent 0.30. So if you want a slick cool ncurses GUI for MonoTorrent, check the code out from:

Finally, I just want to add: All Your Torrent Are Belong To Us - Use Monsoon! ;)


Anonymous said...

Where would an enterprising Fedora packager like myself find tarball releases of Monsoon so that one might include it in in our fine distribution.

Alan said...

The official 0.11 release will be tagged from: http://anonsvn.mono-project.com/source/branches/monsoon-0.11 within the next week. I'd recommend that you do your official release from the tag when it's created. I'll blog about the tarballs and whatnot then.

If you want to get a headstart on setting up the build and all that to make sure everything works, grab the source from the branch mentioned above. Just don't make an official release until 0.11 official is tagged :)

gaohui said...

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