Saturday, April 19, 2008

MonoTorrent 0.30 has been tagged and released. All i have to do now is update the website. Here's the short changelog.

Highlights include:
* Amazing extensibility - Active connections can be injected from any source you want. So if your application already has an active connection to a peer, that connection can be passed to MonoTorrent and it will be used.
* Udp Tracker support implemented - Can now use the low bandwidth udp protocol if the tracker supports it.
* Initial support for the libtorrent messaging protocol
* Implemented semi-intelligent memory buffer to reduce disk reads/writes.
* Fixed several race conditions when Stopping/Unregistering torrent managers.
* Fixed issue whereby monotorrent would stop connecting to new peers
* Can now handle torrents with 1,000's of files gracefully.
* Implemented IPV6 support.
* 15% faster hash checking
* Enhanced the accuracy of the ratelimiting code when a global limit is applied
* Per-file progress correctly updated when FastResume data is loaded
* If a file is set to 'Do Not Download', it now will definitely not be downloaded.
* Abort a connection attempt if it takes more than 10 seconds to complete. Some operating systems default to 3 minute timeouts which kills performance.
* Some speed and memory enhancements, as always.

* Correctly removes zombie peers (peers who crash before telling the tracker they're stopping)
* Added ability to compare peers based on an arbitrary key rather than only based on IP.
* Minor speed and memory enhancements

A precompiled binary can be found here.
A tarball can be found here

Coinciding nicely with this is the release of Monsoon 0.11.3. The changelog looks something as follows:
* Adding/Removing/Renaming of labels is completely context-menu driven now
* Can drag and drop torrents to add and remove them from a label.
* Fixed several issues persisting state across application restarts
* Global rate limits can be set by clicking on the labels which display the global download/upload rates
* Now takes advantage of the new FastResume API.
* Correctly invoking libgtk and libX11.
* Now supports nat-pmp through the use of a newer mono.nat
* Multi-select enabled in the file view
* When creating a torrent, hashchecking is skipped if you choose to seed it immediately
* You will always be prompted if you choose to remove/delete a torrent
* Made Monsoon fully translatable
* Added tooltips to the main items

Monsoon can be gotten via 1-Click install or the GNOME:Community repository:


Vladekk said...

Link to binary download is broken ;-)
Also, it would be great if you update website and put sample how to use curses UI with monotorrent ;-)

Unknown said...

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