Friday, January 12, 2007

So Mono.XNA took a big (ish) step forward today with thanks to a big commit from RobLoach. Now, hopefully he'll write some NUnit tests to cover that code.

Take a look at the video linked at the end. It shows Mono.XNA successfully rendering an array of colours to the screen one after another in a loop. Render-licios. Next step, we want to be able to render multiple colours to the screen at the same time. I'm thinking a nice checkerboard pattern would be good. We'll see ;)

The video is encoded using x264. If you can't play it, VLC will play it. Just google "vlc" and download away.


Anonymous said...

Now that's impressive, you must have some 1337 hacker skillz :-)

Garuma said...

Could you send me the file (jeremie.laval at gmail dot com) so that I can do a screencast of it running on Linux (na I don't like Windows ;)). (BTW SimpleExample works now on Linux even if it's just a black window ;)).

Rob Loach said...

I just implemented Clear(), so you should be presented with the good ol' nice looking blue. As for tests, I'll see if I can get some up within the next few days.

Garuma said...

For those who are suspicious of the portability of Mono.Xna since the video shows SimpleExample on Windows, here is the counter part for Linux ;) : link

PS: If you can't play the video use VLC

Rob Loach said...

Would you guys mind if we left the SimpleExample with the default blue colour? It's what you're given when you choose to make a new blank XNA Game in Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express and it's nice to give people a taste of what they're familiar with when they're trying out Mono.Xna for the first time ;) .

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