Sunday, January 14, 2007

I leave my house in an hour for the sunny italian slopes where hopefully there'll be enough snow for a weeks snowboarding. It's my last break before i go back to college. I'm looking forward to it, mostly because i'm beginning to get bored at home and haven't seen some of my friends in a while. The results for our christmas tests are also coming out then, which isn't really something to look forward to ;) Sure we'll see how it goes :p

Hopefully by the time i get back, stubbing on Mono.XNA will be complete. We're oh so close to reaching that magical 100% stubbed mark. After that, with a bit of planning and discussion, we'll be able to start hacking our way through the implementation phases in a more controlled manner as opposed to dropping code in all over the place.

MonoTorrent will start getting some much needed love and attention over the coming weeks (or so i plan). I have a few things planned which i can't wait to get cracking on.

Mono.NAT (the uPnP library) is also in pretty good shape. I received a patch a few days ago which fixed a lot fo FxCop warnings and updated the library to CLS compliance. So feel free to give that a shot for all your uPnP port mapping needs.

Finally, do keep track of the Mono.XNA status at and I won't be able to keep it updated while i'm away, but i did update it a few hours ago.


Anonymous said...

Am i missing the point or is monotorrent not available to download in any form? If its not then why are you listing it here

Alan said...

The correct homepage is I'm not sure who put the listing up on, but it wasn't me ;)

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