Monday, January 08, 2007

I had a brain wave earlier regarding Mono.XNA while working on some code. I was wondering if we could come up with an easy way to figure out what methods need to be implemented in order to make game X run and i realised MoMa was perfect for the job!

After a quick talk with jonathon pobst, an svn update and a few mins hardcoding i generated the required files that MoMa needs in order to scan assemblies for me. A few mins later i had some stats ready.

Firstly, the simple example hits no methods that throw NotImplementedExceptions. That confused me, as i knew that the simple example doesn't run! So i started looking at some code. It turns out there are some classes where the methods weren't stubbed out with NotImplemented exceptions. So that's a little annoying. However it shouldn't take too long to fix that up.

Then i compiled the Pong example that robloach commited to SVN (thanks for including some makefiles/project files ;) ). I ran the Pong example through MoMa and i came up with the following list of methods that need to be implemented. Clicky Linky.

So, the plan is to get people working on the simple example until we can get it running. Then we work on Pong until it works. I'd guesstimate* that the Simple example will be running within a month.

*Guesstimates are accurate to +- 1 decade.


Daedius said...

What a clever trick up your sleeve! Can't wait to see pong =)

Garuma said...

Don't you think that the Pong should include score saving or something like this since Storage is working :D ?

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