Saturday, November 18, 2006

With less than a month to go to my christmas exams, my coding time as been reduced to zero. Pretty much everything else has been put on standby now (including writing content for the website) until the exams are over.

Everything is pretty much ready for a release i think, but i need to run a few tests first to make sure. Then it's beta testing time.

I've also received an interesting email yesterday. Someone has taken the time to rejig the code so that the client library will now run on the .NET compact framework. This means that you can now download .torrents on your smart phone, or whatever portable device you have that supports the .net Compact framework. So now not only can monotorrent run on all your favourite desktop OS's, but now it can be run on some of your favourite portable machines too.

Also with the ability to put mono on embedded devices, it's quite possible that if an interested party could be found, monotorrent could be stuck on a settop box on top of your television and could stream content directly to a HD for later viewing. The possibilities are endless!

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