Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So i have a few things to mention today.

I've very kindly been offered some hosting and a free webpage created for MonoTorrent on the condition that i continue developing the library. That's something i think i can manage ;) So in a week or two, i'll be posting a link to the new site along with one or two exciting announcements. I bet ye can hardly wait ;)

Development is still going well on MonoTorrent. I implemented EndGame mode today (which had completely slipped my mind as i was either working on local torrents, or just testing briefly on large torrents so i never reached the final few % of the download). This means that the final stages of downloading a torrent will go a *lot* faster now. Previously the last few percent would either never finish (due to deadlock condition mentioned below) or finished really slowly.

I also fixed a problem where i'd request a piece off a peer, but they'd never send the piece i requested. This meant that they stayed in a limbo where i thought i had pending requests off them, but they had no intention of fulfilling those requests. Hence no other peer would be able to request those pieces.

For those of you interested in developing for the library, i've included a new Class Description document in the SVN which gives a *very* brief description of what each class does. I'll do my best to update the XML comments within the classes aswell at some stage. But i promise nothing ;)

Once again, be ready for a few surprise announcements over the next week or so. It'll (hopefully) be worth the wait.

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