Sunday, November 05, 2006

This is just a wild stab into the dark here, but i'm hoping my newfound fame (subtle promotion of monocast: can find me someone with a few hours/days to spare who can throw together a website for me.

What i'm looking for is a nice, simple, easy to maintain website for MonoTorrent. Hosting i can sort out, i have the domain registered aswell, i just need content to put up! So if anyone would be interested in slapping together the following, that'd be great:
1) Homepage: Simple enough design, just a place where i can write announcements and stuff
2) A FAQ/Code Examples page
3) A page where i'll list different releases of the library.
4) A page where i can list all the features etc and mention licensing etc.

Like i said, nothing to fancy. So long as i can update things easily, i'll be happy. I just want something that's nice enough to look at and easy to browse. If anyone is interested in taking up the challange, give me a shout. I'd really appreciate it. Don't go writing anything without contacting me first, just to make sure that work isn't duplicated (or triplicated) and i can actually use the resulting code.



IDisposable said...

Have you considered simply using googlepages to host it? It's trivial to use, and you NEVER have to worry about slashdot woes...

If you really need to have the domain, you could simply have it do a redirect to the googlepages, or at minimum have them host your "big" content.

IDisposable said...

Your other option, of course is to host the whole project over on CodePlex. They've got everything you need (wiki, forums, release managment, source control, etc) all are optional.

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