Monday, November 26, 2007

In two short days i'll be flying out to madrid for the mono summit. Woohoo! Turns out i'm missing my last 3 days of term, in which i should be getting two tutorials and our first problem sheet for a particular subject. So, not the best time to be fecking off to a foreign country.... ah well!

Also, if that F-Spot guy is about the place who was asking me about upgrading F-Spot to use the latest libgphoto2-sharp, give me a shout via email and let's organise something before i head over. Otherwise, just try and find me between wednesday evening and friday evening.

p.s. if i fail any exams because of this, i'm holding Aaron responsible, he tempted me over with a Chicken Pag! So no new MTP code for banshee if i fail ;)


Igor said...

I hope you don't fail those tests ;)

Good luck on your trip!

stephane d said...

no worry, I'll find you on wednesday :) hope we'll manaage to find time to try the libgphoto2-sharp in F-Spot.

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