Sunday, May 20, 2007

I gave mono.nat a onceover yesterday and chopped about 15% from the codebase through an ingenious set of refactors (basically i turned proof-of-concept code into maintainable code).

It has more complete support for uPnP than before, i think i now support every method exposed by the routers. So if anyone wants uPnP support in their application, grab the source from the MonoSVN (websvn link: in the "Mono.NAT" folder.

For an example on how it works, look at the program in the Examples folder. And as always, send me all bug reports. Finally, if you have a uPnP router, and it is *not* detected by the example program when it's run, or some of the methods do *not* work as expected, let me know and i'll get some special debug builds to figure out the problem.

Finally, if anyone wants to supply me what a NAT-PMP capable router, or knows how i could easily host a NAT-PMP "server", i'll implement support for that aswell (over the coming weeks).


Roy Tate said...

I went to and downloaded the latest bits on a Windows XP box with Visual Studio 2005. It would be cool if you would include a recent build of Mono.Security.dll in the libs directory. said...

I saw a lot of useful material in this post!

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