Saturday, May 19, 2007

For those die-hard fans of Starcraft who've been waiting eagerly for Starcraft 2 to appear, you need wait no longer. Click. While i don't expect this game to hit the streets for quite a few months (if not a year or more), it's because of scenes like this that i can't wait to start playing. Thankfully Blizzard are the ones developing the game. I have full faith in them to not screw it up like so many other sequels.

Hell, if we're really lucky there'll be an open beta (or maybe a closed beta and someone gets me an invite ;) ) where we can test everything out for some multi-player zerg rushes.


schmichael said...

*sigh* When will people recognize that Total Annihilation was the greatest RTS ever made? ;)

There's even an open source alternative to it thats actively developed and better than the original IMHO: Spring.

(Sorry for the flamebait :) )

Alan said...

Total Annihilation, pfft! It's nothing as compared to starcraft! ;) Also, have you heard of Starcraft#. So SC# works on windows, linux and macos without a bother. I wonder how far along it is, i haven't checked it out in a while...


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