Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just to respond publicly to a few questions about monotorrent that have been asked over and over:

1) MonoTorrent does have a GUI! In fact, it has two. One of them is a console GUI, the other is a gui created using GTK#. This is *not* the same as winforms in .NET. It is an alternative framework for creating GUI's. While i consider the GUI very limited (which it is), it is usable. I would much prefer a Winforms based GUI so the application would be 100% portable .net with no other dependancies but i don't have the time to finish my 1/2 created one.

2) MonoTorrent does use less ram than azureus. Considerably less. Very very much so. Monotorrent does use more ram than uTorrent. But not that much more. If you disable the disk cache in uTorrent completely, monotorrent only uses 4-5 megabytes of ram more than utorrent. If you leave the disk cache enabled in uTorrent, then monotorrent uses slightly less ram than uTorrent.

3) MonoTorrent does not support encryption. I looked at the specs a while ago, found them confusing, created some initial support but never got back to it. Once again, time is a factor. I just don't have enough.

4) MonoTorrent is not a "Linux App" or a "Microsoft application". It's a cross-platform bittorrent library.

5) Yes, monotorrent can be used on whatever tracker you want. Private/public/personal, i don't care. It works. (Just so long as it's not a udp based tracker ;) ).

6) MonoTorrent is not related to the disease known as mono (also known as glandular fever in non-american areas) ;)

7) Yes, i do like people to contribute code. But please talk to me first and keep in touch when writing your code. The last thing i want to do is to say "no" after you spend 3 weeks writing a bucketload of code for monotorrent because i've already written the code, or you've done it wrong or whatever.


duff said...

Hi Allan,

It is duff. If you want, I can do a winform part for mono torrent.
If you are interesting in my proposition mail me on my mail.
We can talk of it on irc if you want ;) or by mail. I have ever done a winform for gendarme but loose it with a HD crash...
Hope I will not loose if I done it. But before start I want to talk to you about what you want in winform gui. Else I can take the GTK#GUI and convert it to winform


Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as "console GUI".

Alan said...

Console gui's in action:

Umesh said...

Hi alan,
Can i get the complte source code of MonoTorrent with winform GUI

Oci Beken said...

Hi, i'm using your library. i've got project on private tracker and site.

Could you help me how to make the tracker private using your library?

any help on the way to do that would be nice


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