Monday, February 26, 2007

BitTorrent Distributed Hash Table (DHT):

I got bored over the weekend and decided to take a break from hacking on the main MonoTorrent libraries and/or Mono.Xna and instead work a little on some DHT support for MonoTorrent.

Unfortunately the only documentation is this rather undetailed document. There's quite a few places where important details are left undefined and other things just aren't mentioned or just defined in vague terms.

I'm keeping notes on these things to hopefully get a more concise and detailed specification together so that other developers attempting to implement DHT can have a better spec to work off. Also it might help with removing bugs in existing implementations.

For example one detail that wasn't mentioned in the spec was that you should never send out the details for a node (another bittorrent peer) unless you have checked that the node is still active. Some implementations don't do this and so it's possible that you will still be getting DHT requests for a torrent you turned off several days previously.

Finally, i've been bugging the developer of libtorrent for some tips on my own implementation, so thanks to him for asking my questions! It's appreciated.

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