Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Can't you feel the moonlight?

It's time for the obligatory screenshots again. This is what the Data Visualisation demos from the Silverlight Toolkit (March edition) looked like yesterday:

Note the empty graphs. It doesn't look very pretty now, does it? However, one very minor fix later we now have the following:

Things are near-perfect in all the Data Visualization demos. One graph is missing a background colour and the elements in one graph aren't clickable when they should be. Neither should be particularly difficult to fix, the only problem is figuring out the cause.

Unfortunately the version of the Toolkit Demo on the live site still doesn't render perfectly, but as we already have one version near-perfect, getting a newer revision to work shouldn't be hard! Things are shaping up to give us a great 2.0 release.


j23tom said...

superb ! Hope 3.0 will not be as hard to do as 2.0 was. Moonlight rocks ! :)

Anonymous said...

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