Thursday, May 28, 2009

Monsoon - blowing down barriers

Yes, Monsoon is now using Mono.Addins for some delicious plugability. Support for this has only just been added, so there is a severe lack of extension points defined in monsoon, but those can be added as time goes on. Right now there is one extension point. I'm sure you've already guessed what it is.

Yup, that's right. That little nifty thing at the bottom is DHT bootstrapping itself. As you can see, it's currently displaying a rather disappointing value of '1' for 'Nodes'. This is either because the bootstrap node is currently unavailable, or my router is playing silly buggers again and not forwarding my ports right. Luckily you can also bootstrap into DHT by just downloading a normal torrent. Other peers advertise when they support DHT and provide the required info to allow you to use them as a bootstrap node.

What this means is that opensuse users will finally have easy access to a DHT enabled torrent client without having to enable additional repositories. Things will work right out of box... well, it'll work as soon as you click to enable the addin which fetches it from the monsoon website ;)

Once I solidify everything there'll be a preview release of Monsoon with these features and another slightly big one I've been working on. More on that later. I've reached my word quota for this post ;)


Passante said...

Great news.

Sorry to be OT, but Moonsoon is only for Linux OS? It's not multi-platform?
Is there any winform GUI for Monotorrent?

Anonymous said...

+1 on what Passante said. a repository that can be used in portable ubuntu for windows is also good.

Angarato Surion said...

im implementing a client that using the monotorrent client

Anonymous said...
















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