Monday, November 03, 2008

MonoTorrent 0.60

So here are the bugfixes and features for 0.60 as compared to 0.50:

Bug fixes:
* Fixed critical regression in 0.50 whereby transfers would be incredibly slow.
* Fixed issue where announce/scrape requests to offline trackers may never time out
* Added a few memory optimisations when reading piece data from disk.
* Add the ability to report an alternate IP/Port combo to the tracker
* Optimised the encrypted handshake - its now a bit faster
* Fixed bug where wrong message ID was sent for extension messages
* Fixed bug where pieces which do not exist would be requested from webseeds.
* Fixed several bugs in TorrentCreator class where relative paths were used instead of absolute paths.
* Disabled UdpTracker support as the current implementation locked up until a response was received.
* Fixed a possible issue with multi-tier torrents.
* Added the ability to tell whether peers come from PeerExchange, DHT or the tracker.
* Some big performance boosts for webseeds by using a better method of picking pieces.
* Fixed a corner case whereby certain torrents may not get their last piece requested.
* When hosting a tracker,"/announce" is appended when you use the construtor overload which takes an IPEndPoint.

New Features:
* Implemented DHT support.
* Implemented sparse file support on the NTFS file system.

All in all, an awesome release. I have to give a shout out to Matthew Raymer who has been tirelessly testing MonoTorrent for the last few weeks. Without his constant bug reports, some of those bugs would never have been found, such as the one with UdpTrackers. Great stuff.


There are also packages for openSUSE in the openSUSE Build Service for those of you interested in those.


duff said...

/me really happy to see our work on DHT finally released ;)

Henning M. Stephansen said...

Yay! I was waiting for this release:D

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