Friday, June 20, 2008

MonoTorrent 0.4 and Monsoon 0.15

MonoTorrent 0.40 has been released. There weren't many changes feature-wise, but there's been quite a lot of under the hood changes. Details can be found on

Also, Monsoon 0.15 has been released. The release notes are available and your packages can be gotten from here.

Fun times, eh?

MonoTorrent 0.50 is slated for a few weeks time (don't hold me to this). There are a bucket load of features in the works which will definitely kick some ass. I've been getting some great patches recently from Olivier Dufour, which he has detailed in his post. These should all make 0.50. I've also been getting some awesome work from Karthik Kailash, and his friend David (whose second name i can't find now), implementing a fancy debugging GUI which exposes all the internals in a nice GUI to make it easy for me to detect bugs/issues. He's also implementing Ono support, which helps get faster transfers; Bit-tyrant like unchoking which prioritises peers who reciprocate data resulting in faster transfers along with a new Piece Picking algorithm which allows you to stream a media file via torrent efficiently.

I'm unsure how many of those features will hit 0.50, it depends on when they hit SVN and how much testing i can get in. But hopefully a few of them will get there.


Anonymous said...

Is it 0.4 or 0.40? That's a big difference for us RPM packagers.

Alan said...

It's 0.40. Also, could you let me know what distro you're packaging for. I want to get a list together. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I've packaged it for Mandriva Linux, it is currently in Cooker, but I might backport it to the stable distribution too.

Anonymous said...

i heard karthik is a total hottie

Anonymous said...

surely not karthik, the indian Mandingo?

Anonymous said...

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