Friday, February 01, 2008

I recently changed internet providers, and i have this situation:

The new internet arrives in via a cable in my front room. There are two desktops in the house, which are in the back room. The old internet came through a hole in the wall into this room, so everything was peachy.

I'm now in possession of a linksys WRT54G (with openwrt firmware) and a neatgear WGR614 V7. What i want to do is to bridge the two wireless routers so that i have a single network containing my wireless+wired computers.

Does anyone know if there's a modified/alternate firmware for the netgear router which supports 'client' mode in wireless networks so i can just make it connect to my main router (the linksys). I'd much prefer to use this as my main router as opposed to the netgear. Any advice on getting this set up would be great. Ideally i wouldn't have to buy new hardware, but if it comes to it, thats what i'll do ;)


Owen said...

If I understand correctly what you're trying to achieve, then you could use something like a WET54G or WET11 to bridge a wired network to a wireless one. Just plug the bridge into a port in your switch.

I don't know of any alternative firmware for the netgear routers.

vanOrt said...

You can install DD-WRT onto the 54G, which is pretty easy to setup in bridge mode - bridging to an unmodified router running in AP mode. I ran that way for several months before switching to ethernet-over-powerline adapters. The interference in 2.4G wireless band just keeps growing over time and my network was starting to cut out too often. Ethernet-over-power is more expensive, but has been much more reliable.

JD said...

I don't know anything about those wireless gateways, but I say have your ISP run the cable to the desired room. ;)

Anonymous said...

A few months ago i had the same Requirement for my home network and did it by using the Tomato Firmware for the WRT54GL. Work's like a charm.

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