Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Despite AACS being broken for both BluRay and HD-DVD once already, and a huge list of keys for DVD's being created for both HD-DVD and BluRay with some parts of AACS permanently bypassed, these mega-corps still haven't learnt that DRM does not work.

Once again, in a desperate attempt to make their discs copy-proof, Sony has managed to screw up severely. A year ago, Sony decided that they'd install a secret rootkit which could not be detected by regular means on computers which attempted to play their Audio CD's. As bad as that was, at least the CD's were playable!

Now they've come up with a new ploy: Make their DVD's unplayable on their own DVD drives. If you can't play it, you can't copy it. To be honest, this must be a PR nightmare for them. They are knowingly selling bastardised imitation DVD's that do not play on dvd drives. Hell, they are still selling their own DVD drives without a warning that it will *not* play new sony DVDs.

I suppose the worst thing out of this is that other dvd drive manufacturers may be forced to spend time and effort updating their drive's firmware in order to allow their customers to use their legitimately bought entertainment discs.

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Sandriman said...

Sony has been well known for crapping on its customers before, so why would it be any different now?
The one thing I fail to understand - probably because of my personal biased opinion - is why are they trying to protect the "intellectual property" in question with such methods? Are they so certain of their own business success and invincibility they don't care about bad PR at all?

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