Monday, December 04, 2006

So my exams are starting in less than 10 days. I'm slowly turning into an eat-sleep-study zombie. The pressure is on to cram as much as possible into my brain within the next week or two so i can do amazingly well... or at least thats what i tell myself. On one hand, the exams are only worth 15% of my final degree, so i don't have to perform amazingly well in these to walk out with a good degree next year, but any marks i pick up now remove some of the pressure from next year. It'd be nice going into final year knowing that i've already picked up 20+% of my final degree!

It's right about now that I begin to regret skipping all those lectures despite promising myself i wouldn't do that this year. I also wish i had finished off all those problem sheets a few weeks ago, but that never happened ;) Ah well, sure what's the worst that can happen! I have 9 days, i have coffee, what more do i need... except for more time ;)

On the plus side i've begun sticking monotorrent through an extensive regime of testing. I've transferred several gigs with it over the last few days/weeks and fixed a lot of little (and not so little) bugs. But the big test is when hundreds of people start using it and submitting bug reports. That'll be a great day ;) I just have to wait til after those blasted exams.

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