Monday, October 30, 2006

Yet another piece of good news, thanks to the patch by Kevin, a little bit of hacking and some help from the #mono channel, piotrs' GUI is now compiling and starting up.

Ok, so there are a few minor (note: When i say "minor" i mean the whole GUI vanishing without a trace before your eyes ;)) bugs in it which i have yet to work through, but all going well i'll have them ironed out in a few days. But i am extremely tempted to rip apart the existing design (which seems a little overcomplicated) and start afresh using it as a template. It looks nice enough (if basic), but far too much info is hardcoded. For example, there's no way to choose where to save a .torrent to! They'll always go to your $personal$ folder (i.e. my documents on windows).

So all going well i'll have a Pre-Beta 1 release coming out soon of the monotorrent client library plus GUI. The only major thing left to do is re-implement my RateLimiting code. While the previous code worked, it had too much of a dependancy on timers, and so created artificial limits on download speed. I have a few ideas, but im not quite sure how it'll all pan out.

I'll leave ye with a few screenshots:


Max said...

I'd take a look at uTorrent for UI design if I where you.

Pensee said...

Do you plan to release any Torrent# Client or not ?

@max: I don't think that uTorrent is a GUI reference! I would prefer to have a simple but efficient torrent client something like Transmission (well why not using Transmission so ? I don't know :D).

One may consider to make both GUI, one simple "Just Works!" (TM) and one with many geek feature (like azureus)!

Alan said...

@Pensee: Personally, i don't and won't have time to write a GUI until (maybe) christmas time. I'll be able to extend the features of the existing GTK# client only enough to allow you to choose a download location for your files, but after that i have some quite important exams and stuff coming up.

The best thing about MonoTorrent is that it's a library. You can create any number of fancy GUI's and all you need to hook into is ~8 methods and ~8 properties in the library and you can contol a torrent and display basic information.

The first public release of code and client will happen when i finish off a few more pieces of code and get some webspace up and running. Hopefully i'll get that done in the next week or two. But in the meantime you can grab the code from the SVN and compile it yourself. It works ;)

osc said...

That sounds fantastic. I have a love/hate relationship with Azureus. It works... I love the RSSFeed plugin (point it at an RSS feed, give it some rules, and bingo)... but good *lord* does it swallow RAM.

I'd love to be able to take a torrent library, an RSS parser and wrap them up in a simple GTK# GUI. It'd rock.

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