Sunday, October 29, 2006

Well well well.

MonoTorrent got a speed boost.

Download speeds have gone from ~ 30kB/sec to ~4.5MB/sec (and probably faster!). The only bad thing is that i've had to disable my rate limiting code completely until i can come up with a way of writing the code that won't kill download speeds. It's not so simple!

Memory usage is down to single digit figures aswell, less than 10 megabytes! So it looks like i well achieved my aim of creating a cross platform client that uses less than 1/3 the ram that Azureus uses. The only thing i need now is a nice GUI for it. I got a patch for the GUI that was created during the summer, and i hacked a little at it myself, so now it compiles. I'll take a more indepth look at it later on and see if i can nice it up a bit (and reduce it's memory usage, if possible).

Just a little eye candy for ye to enjoy: There's a few images up there where i screenshotted download speed/upload speed and memory usage.

DebianTorrent: This is a real world torrent. So performance in this test is exactly how you'd expect in real life (i'm on a 3meg connection btw).

DownloadingMonoTorrent: I used both Azureus and uTorrent as "seeders" on my local machine to see how fast monotorrent would download. Azureus maxes out at ~1.6 MB/sec upload, uTorrent maxes out at about 3-3.2MB/sec, so i don't really know the limits of my code ;) My best guesstimate based on the way i've coded the logic sections would be a theoretical max of: pieceLength*2*(1000/25) kB/sec. i.e. i can request all the blocks for two pieces every 25 miliseconds. If my maths is right, that's approximately a limit of 20MB/sec per peer. The library should be able to upload as fast as your harddrive can seek ;)

UploadingMonoTorrent: I started monotorrent off at 100% and then set Azureus and uTorrent to start at 0% and leech. Bear in mind there would be a little crosstalk between Azureus and uTorrent. They did share some information between themselves.


Bertrand said...

Well, not to be picky, but comparing MonoTorrent's and Azureus' memory usage is not really fair since that in spite of the dramatic improvements on your software, you're still far from implementing all Azu's features. I'm not saying MonoTorrent is bad, no misunderstanding, cause I'm really looking forward to getting a nice cross-platform not based on Java which could offer good performances. I'm just saying that one should not compare oranges and apples. Good luck to you.

nii said...

@bertrand: I don't understand what do you mean. Whatever do you think about azureus, it has many features but it's presented in a poor way.

cleananglingpledge said...

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